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    Why is Evernote losing its Ground?

    Evernote, the grand-father of note-taking apps and the emblem of productivity is losing its ground? I am taking this opportunity to talk about Evernote but taking a very different perspective altogether. I am going to pen down my thoughts on the emergence of Evernote into a powerful note-taking app, the challenges they have faced, and […] More

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    Evernote iOS App Power Tricks You Will Like

    Evernote helps you take notes, track tasks, and save websites. Everything in the digital notebook is synced across your mobile and desktop and here are a few power tricks. Evernote Is the Grandfather of All Productivity Apps. Evernote helps you take notes, track tasks, and save websites. Everything in the digital notebook is synced across […] More

  • Understanding the Productivity Industry & It’s Insights
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    Understanding the Productivity Industry & It’s Insights

    Tons of water has flown down the river Thames and since then, the productivity space aka industry has grown by leaps and bounds. What the heck is going on! What is Productivity Software? Productivity software (also called personal productivity software or office productivity software) is application software used for producing information (such as documents, presentations, […] More

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    Why You Should Not be Proud of Being Busy?

    Just saying that you are busy has become a badge of honor! There are folks who feel pride in it but, are they productive? We respond to questions about how we’re doing with an automatic, “I’m good. Life’s been busy!” And it’s completely normal to do so since society has long glorified busyness as something, […] More

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    This Is One Book You Should Read at Any Cost

    Let’s understand the meaning of 110% Solution! It was July 18, 1995, my Dad gifted me this book called — The 110% Solution. I speed-read this book at that time but understood the true meaning and application of it as I kept reading and analyzing it throughout my personal and professional journey. Let me take a moment […] More

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    6 Productivity Tips That Will Change Your Life!

    A quick and effective guide to achieving productivity. From a broader perspective, increased productivity increases the power of an economy by driving economic growth and satisfying more human needs with the same resources. There are three useful perspectives in which to frame the value in improving productivity within a system from an economic standpoint: Productivity […] More

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    The Ten Commandments Of Personal Productivity

    It’s not just the idea but the execution that leads to success. So, productivity is a major part of the equation. What is Personal Productivity? If you asked several people what personal productivity meant to them you would probably receive a different definition of the term from each individual. In the traditional sense, productivity is about maximizing […] More

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