Hi Friends,

I’m Anshul. I’m a business consultant, YouTuber, and blogger. I enjoy exploring the principles, strategies, and tools that help us live happier, healthier, more productive lives. While I’m most ‘famous’ for my 🎬 YouTube videos, I also write a fair bit about productivity, tech, effective study techniques, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and more. You’ll find all my writing on this website, along with 📚 Book Notes from some of my favorite books, and a review of some of my favorite tech products and apps.

I do have plans to come up with online courses that will refer to niche areas like productivity and leading a stress-free life. I specialize in productivity consulting and coaching to create greater self-efficacy and better communication which ultimately creates productivity and personal growth.

Feel free to connect with me with any questions on Twitter @anshulakumar

Thanks so much,

Anshul Kumar

Email: anshul@ourproductivity.com